Proteas belong to the species of bushes and, among them, to the proteacea family. They come from Australia and Southafrica. We have to distinguish 3 genus in this family. Leucospermum, Protea y Leucadendron. At the present time, all of them are being grown on La Palma.

The main features of the plant are its late blooming (autumn – winter, where almost any other flowers are out of season) and its ability to remain fresh long after its harvesting.

The crop was introduced in the island in 1998, as a profitable alternative to mid-altitude growers. Only seven producers joined in, with just about 2 hectares each (compared to the 70 producers and 21 hectares of 2004). Such an increase will be continued not only by the introduction of other varieties which have already shown out to be suitable but by the introduction of new ones as well.

Area by genus

Total Area: 22 Has

Leucospermum: 15 Has

Protea: 7 Has

The plantations’ location
Plantations of Proteas are spread all over the island, but specially in Barlovento, Mazo, Garafía and Breña Alta.