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Proteas de la Palma is a cooperative society founded in 2002 in Breña Alta. It's currently supported by 70 farmers, who represent the vast majority of protea producers in the island.

The society produces and commercializes flower protaceae stemes and its plantations are spread all over the mid-altitude range of La Palma. Its production has been steadily growing since its foundation. As it has been demonstrated by a significant increase in the last five years: from 125,000 stalks in 2000 up to 1,300,000 in 2005. And this implies that when harvesting, 40 people are offered full-time jobs.

Despite its recent fundation, the society has got a wide experience in growing this product, and it´s currently one of the biggest protea companies both in the national and the international markets. This has been possible not only thanks to the number of stalks which are exported but for the good quality of our product as well. Such a good quality is due to the weather and the climate of La Palma as well as to the experience and skills of our farmers.

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Próteas de La Palma Sociedad Cooperativa
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